How to Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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I think kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the most important details in a kitchen. When building or remodeling a kitchen, choosing the hardware can actually be quite challenging. What size, finish, and placement are all among the questions people struggle with. All three play an important role in the overall look of your kitchen. Here are a few suggestions and tips that will help you answer these questions and choose the perfect hardware for your kitchen.

Hardware Finish

Choosing the hardware finish that is the right for you can be as simple as the color you like best. The days of matching metal finishes to every other metal in the room are over. I actually like the look of using a couple of different finishes.

For instance, we used antique bass for our cabinet hardware while our light fixtures are black. We also added a brushed nickel faucet in our kitchen island which ties in with our stainless appliances. So we have several different metal finishes, and believe it or not, it works!

When mixing metal finishes, I like to have one dominant finish within a room then accent with the others. For instance, in our kitchen the dominant finish is the antique brass considering their are lots of pulls and handles that outweigh the other finishes. Then I accented with other finishes such as nickel and black within other items in the kitchen.

However certain finishes do portray certain vibes and hardware works best when you can use it to add contrast to the room. For instance, a brass finish normally comes across as vintage and traditional, while a brushed nickel and black create more of a contemporary feel.

Hardware Size and Placement

After you have selected the finish you want to go with, then you will want to figure out what size of hardware will look best. There are two main choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware: knobs and pulls. Within these, there is also size variation.

Knobs are smaller in profile and tend to be less expensive, but probably do not have the same dramatic effect as a pull. Knobs are also a little easier to install which is always a great thing if you are DIYing the project.

Pulls are larger in size and as I stated above, make a bolder statement. Pulls also offer an easier grip. They look great on drawers and longer cabinets. The drawback would be that the price goes up drastically and they are a little harder to install.

Some may ask if you have to stick to one or the other, all pulls or all knobs? The answer is no, not at all. We personally like the mix of knobs and pulls. There is no specific way to choose what goes where, but we normally stick to knobs on smaller cabinetry and pulls on larger. It is also a great look to do two pulls on very large drawers or an oversized pull. This not only makes it easier to open and close, but creates a dramatic look.

Where to Purchase Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

After you have chosen the finish and size, it’s time to purchase the hardware. Most cabinetry companies offer a decent selection of cabinet hardware, but we have always ordered ours online. Ordering has seemed to be easier for us giving us more options.

Here are a few suggestions we have either used in the past or just absolutely love. Maybe this will get you started or at least lead you in the right direction. There are thousands of choices out there, so try to narrow it down to a couple of different styles. Then maybe compare prices based on your budget and go from there.

Hardware Suggestions

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  • Reply Annette

    Hello there!

    Goodness, I LOVE your kitchen! It’s absolute perfection…every detail. Thank you so much for your tips on choosing hardware, and for the hardware suggestions. I noticed your particular kitchen cabinet hardware is not on the list. 🙁

    Would you be willing to share what hardware you used for your beautiful kitchen above?

    Thank you so much for sharing all your hard earned remodeling wisdom with us!!!
    ~Annette in California 🙂

    May 24, 2021 at 12:34 am
  • Reply Kristen Mavis

    Hi ~ can you tell me where the antique brass cabinet pulls are from?

    February 4, 2022 at 12:02 am
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