Five Simple and Fun Halloween Decor Ideas

I’m sure most would agree that Halloween is a fun time for kids as they get to dress up and eat lots of candy! It’s the one time of year I allowed my children to eat all the candy they wanted. I am not going to say we didn’t have a couple of belly aches the next day, but it was so worth it. I just kept thinking it would teach them a lesson, but I guess not. They continued to do the same thing every year.

We really aren’t the type of family who goes overboard on Halloween decor, but I do like to add in a few things here and there to make it fun and memorable for the kids. In keeping with my style, which is a “less is more” approach, I like to decorate in a way that will not get the kids overly spooked.

Here are few ideas for simple and fun Halloween decorating.


Bats are a great way to add in some Halloween decor. A few options for bats are decals, printables, or even hanging bats. Decals can be used on windows that are visible from the road and also on mirrors.

Printables are great for walls in and outside of a home. Black bats look especially great on a white walls. As you can see in our foyer above, the pop of the black bats also ties in with the other black elements.

As for hanging bats, you can hang them on exterior trees, porches, or I have even seen people getting creative by hanging them on the ceiling or stair banisters inside of a home.

Halloween Doormats

Doormats are always a way to spice things up around an entryway. Using a cute Halloween doormat is something your little guests are sure to love as they come to trick-or-treat. Here are a few that would look amazing layered with another fall rug.

Design: Jen Hadfield

Spooky Pumpkins

Adding spooky pumpkins to an entryway, mantle, table, or even on the stairwell is another great way to add in a Halloween vibe. I have come across some great ideas for spooky pumpkins. Here are a few I loved from Emily Henderson.

Design: Emily Henderson

Fun Skeletons

Skeletons are great for adding to a swing or rockers on the porch. Little children normally think they are hilarious, although it may be a little too creepy for some. Skeletons are a little more dramatic, but they allow for some creativity with how you place and arrange them.

Halloween Signs/Sayings

One of my favorite things to add in are Halloween signs and letter boards. Most people normally already have one anyway, so this is an easy, inexpensive thing to change out and reuse. Here is one I found that I really liked.

Credit: Mime Designs
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