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Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

Cooler weather means lawn sprucing time for us! We love taking advantage of those cooler Saturday mornings and use them to work outside for a few hours before sitting down to a football game and bowl of chili.

Fall is not only a great time to do some lawn care, but it is also a time that reminds us to take care of a few maintenance items around the outside of our home.

Taking care of these things in the fall will make for an easier spring. Here are a few tips to remember to do or take care of around this time of year.

Keep Mowing

Although you will see the grass isn’t growing as quickly, it is important to continue to mow. It will not need it as often, but continuing to mow will allow sunlight to hit the ground. Don’t forget that after your last mow to winterize your mower by sharpening blades, changing oil, spark plugs, and air filter. This will allow it to be ready to go in the Spring.

Aerate and Fertilize

Fall is also a great time to aerate the soil and do some fertilizing. If you have never aerated your yard, it simply means to perforate the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.

Aerating is a great thing to do right before fertilizing. The holes will allow the fertilize to go directly into the roots to where it will do the most good. Fertilizing your yard will give your yard plenty of nutrients through the winter that will make it stronger for the spring. Most say fall is the most important time of year to fertilize for a healthy lawn.

Spruce Up Mulch

We try and spruce up our mulch twice a year, fall and spring. This will create a clean look that should last until the following spring.

Considering you are just touching up and only adding a top layer, this shouldn’t require all that many bags. Keep in mind you are only sprucing it up, not completely redoing it.

Clean Out Gutters

Fall is a great reminder to clean out the gutters, especially with all the falling leaves and debris from summer storms, etc. This will help prevent clogs during winter storms.

Store Lawn Furniture

Storing any lawn furniture that is outside in the open weather is very important. Either putting covers over the furniture or putting it away inside will make it last so much longer.

This will make it look almost brand new when you bring it out in the spring. Most outdoor furniture and cushions aren’t made for extreme harsh climates and winter storms.

Clean Up Tools

Not only is fall a great time to winterize your mower, it is also the perfect reminder and opportunity to do it to other tools as well. Some may need cleaning, others sharpening, but both will assure they will be ready for the Spring. It will also help prevent rusting thought the winter.

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