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    How to Grow a Greener Lawn

    Thick, green lawns are what we all want but rarely do we want to put in the work to get it. Growing a greener lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to know what you’re working with and then follow some simple tips. Before you know it, you’ll have a lawn that will be the envy of your whole neighborhood.

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    How To Make Mums Last Longer

    At the beginning of fall, I shared with you all how I would not be buying any mums this year. I do love mums, but every year it is a waste of money for me to purchase them. They always die and I can never get them to live over a month or so. I mean, I don’t have the best green thumb, but surely I couldn’t be that horrible for this to happen year after year.

  • Fall, Landscaping

    Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

    Cooler weather means lawn sprucing time for us! We love taking advantage of those cooler Saturday mornings and using them to work outside for a few hours. Fall is not only a great time to do some lawn care, but it is also a time that reminds us to take care of a few maintenance items around the outside of our home.

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    10 Must Have Yard Tools

    As you may know we do our own yard work around here. Henry loves it, but me…I enjoy it, but maybe not as much as he does. However, it does save us lots of money. It also ensures us that it will be done properly and to our expectations.

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    Five Simple Landscaping Tips

    We get tons of questions on our landscaping. Many ask how we get our ideas, and even where to start. We are definitely not pros, but have been doing it ourselves for many years. While we still have a lot to learn about flowers, I feel like we are good at the green stuff!