Best Plants for Your Front Porch

Choosing the best plants for your front porch is a key element in creating an inviting front porch. It adds life and color and invites your visitors to sit down and stay awhile. Beautiful plants on your front porch also add to your home’s overall curb appeal!

Before you decide on what plants you’d like to add to your front porch, you’ll want to take a good look at the space. Notice how much sun your porch gets, both in the morning and the afternoon. Does it get afternoon sun? Is it a completely shady area? The answers to these questions will help you decide which plants you should choose. 

You’ll also want to decide how many plants you want and where you want to place them. Do you want container plants flanking your front door? Do you want shrubs or are you all about blooms? Are you into a formal look or do you like to keep things casual? A little bit of planning will cut down your time at the nursery and keep you on track. 

Choosing the best plants for your front porch can seem like a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve outlined our favorite front porch plants below and you’re sure to find something that’s a good fit for your porch. 

Winter Gem Boxwood

We love boxwoods and the Winter Gem Boxwood has got to be one of our favorites. When put together they make a great small hedge but when put in containers they really shine.

Boxwoods are known to be hardy and they like full or partial sun. Any boxwood would look great on a front porch but the Winter Gem Boxwoods are nice because, unlike other boxwoods, they keep their green color all year. 

English Ivy

A trailing plant might be just what your front porch needs. English Ivy is a great choice for a trailing plant and it looks great framing a front door or letting it trail upwards from a container onto a trellis. English Ivy’s do best in the shade so pick a shady area of your porch to place it. 

Little Giant Dwarf Arborvitae

Another plant that is great for the front porch is the Little Giant Dwarf Arborvitae. Just like the Winter Gem Boxwood, it keeps its green color all year. This plant has a naturally round shape that you can get even without pruning.

In fact, it’s only one of a few plants that grows into a globe shape all on its own. They like full sun or partial shade the best and can be grown just about anywhere. It’s a truly versatile plant and we think you’ll fall in love with it as much as we have. 

Citrus Tree

If you have some full sun on your front porch, consider adding a citrus tree. They grow great in containers and really make a statement when placed by a front door. Citrus trees need lots of sun and do best in a wind-protected spot. 


Ferns thrive in partial shade or full shade, making them an excellent choice if you have shady areas on your front porch. These lush green plants looking great in standing planters and hanging planters so you can put them just about anywhere. 


Here’s something a little different! If you live in a warm enough climate, a cactus can look great by a front door. They don’t need much water and they flourish in the sun. Choose a large cactus to go by your door or go with a smaller container that features a collection of cacti. Whichever one you choose, this will definitely be a conversation piece. 

Whichever plants you choose, adding a bit of greenery is a great way to spruce up your front porch and make it an enjoyable place to spend time. 

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