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    How to Build and Install DIY Floating Shelves for the Kitchen

    When we built our house, the plan was to install two diy floating shelves on each side of the sink. But as time got closer for us to move in, there were too many other things to finish up. So I only had time to build and install one on each side. But now that things have settled down, I’ve finally found time to build and hang the other two. So I thought I would share the process in this article.

  • DIY

    How to Install a Reclaimed Wood Mantel

    Our mantel above the fireplace in our family room up until now has been a piece of oak that wasn’t quite thick enough. It’s been more or less a place holder. The plan from the beginning was to install a reclaimed timber mantel. But, like so many other things, when you are trying to finish a house to move into, you run out of time.