The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

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If you have hardwood flooring in your house, it’s a good idea to know all of the best hardwood floor cleaning hacks. They will save you time and hopefully allow you to enjoy your home even more while keeping your floors looking great. We have hardwood flooring throughout the majority of our home and have discovered some good products to use and a few hacks for keeping it clean. So here are my top hardwood flooring cleaning hacks that will hopefully make your life a little easier!

Good Cleaner and Microfiber Dusting Pad

This one isn’t so much a hardwood floor cleaning hack as it is a hardwood floor cleaning must-have. The best way to keep your hardwood floors clean is to use the best products for the job. And I’m always getting asked what I use on our hardwood floors.

I like cleaning my hardwood floors with WOCA Natural Soap Wood Floor Cleaner. We have oil-finished engineered flooring, so this product contains natural emollients to retain the oils on the floor. It also strengthens the finish every time you use it. If you have regular hardwood floors, another great product is Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. This is a biodegradable product that is safe for people and pets.

I also make sure I have a microfiber dust pad. This is an easy way to either give a good cleaning or even just a quick swipe if you see some dust. I prefer using one of these over a mop even when I am doing a deep clean. This dust pad is also easy to throw in the wash and have clean for everyday use.

Removing Scratches

I actually have two remedies for removing scratches. The first one is a combo of baking soda and olive oil. Apply baking soda then moisten with a few drops of olive oil. Wait 4-5 minutes, then buff gently with a soft sponge.

The next one is rubbing a walnut over the scratch on the floor. First, warm up the nut with your fingers, then rub it onto the scratch in a circular motion. This will allow the natural dyes from the walnut to soak into the floor. Allow the oils to sit for a couple of minutes then buff with a soft cloth.

Permanent Marker Removal

How to remove permanent marker from hardwood is one hack that every parent needs to know about. Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a soft cloth. Then rub the permanent marker stain with the alcohol cloth. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Then clean the area with a new clean, damp rag.

Scuff Removal

This might be hard to believe, but a Magic Eraser is one of the best ways to remove a scuff mark from hardwood flooring. Use the magic eraser on the scuff only and wipe across it with a steady grip. You then can go back with a damp cloth if any residue is left on the floor.

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    This is so helpful, thank you! I am looking at getting your floors in my new build. I have two crazy dogs and I am worried about scratches. Do yours scratch easy? Maybe the oil finish isn’t the best with dogs? Curious!!

    February 12, 2022 at 4:06 pm
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