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    Five Upgrades Under $200 That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

    Of course everyone wants to remodel their home, but sometimes the funds are just not available. There are several things you can do to a home that will increase the value without spending tons. Most of these things are just buying a few materials and spending a few hours of your time. Sometimes it’s those smaller projects that make huge impact.

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    Planning and Designing a Built-in Bunk Bed

    As most of you know, in just a few short months our family will be leaving our current house and moving into the one we’re currently building. We never really put it up for sale, but we ended up getting a contract on it just a few weeks before we started our new build. It was truly God’s plan the way it worked out and we have become wonderful friends with the soon to be new owners.

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    Finishing the Bonus Room Above Our Garage

    When we moved in back in May of 2015, we were rushed, out of budgeted building funds, and so anxious to move in, we didn’t finish the room/space above our garage. We were in hopes to save some money and do it  later down the road. This space is pretty big with around 1200 square feet.  We currently use it for storage, but are planning on finishing it within the near future. We don’t really need the extra space, but it will add value to our home.