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  • Living Room

    Our Favorite Living Room Sofas and Sectionals

    When we moved into our new home a couple of years ago, I searched and searched for the perfect living room sofa. This was quite the challenge to find a sofa or sectional that had good reviews and one that was going to look amazing in our living room.

  • Living Room

    Coffee Tables You Will Love

    A coffee table is such a vital piece to a living area. It anchors the entire space. So it’s important that you choose a one that is right for the room and is one that you love!

    Just after we moved into our home, we knew we needed a larger coffee table to fill our space. We have a pretty decent size living room, high ceilings, and the space is open to other rooms. Although there were several we liked online, we decided to have one custom-made. We chose to go simple with an all-black metal rectangular coffee table.