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    10 DIY Home Decor Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

    You might have noticed that occasionally we’ll take on a DIY project, or two. I mean why spend tons of money hiring out a project when you can DIY it yourself. But saving money, isn’t the only reason we DIY. We both have a passion for creating. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment when you complete a project, and can say “Wow! I did that.” It’s just a neat feeling.

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    How to Avoid the Instagram Comparison Trap

    I normally stick to topics about home decor, building, or related topics, but today I want to talk about a subject that I think hits home to all of us. It is the Instagram comparison trap.

    We have to admit, at times we all can get frustrated and not feel adequate to even be posting. This is very common and I want you to know, you are not alone.

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    How We Organically Gained 20k Instagram Followers in 80 Days

    We just recently reached 20k Instagram followers, and we did it in about 80 days. From what we’ve been told, that’s kinda fast. We’ve also been hearing this question a lot lately: “How have you grown your instagram account so quickly?” So instead of trying to answer it over and over in DM’s and comment replies, I thought it would be better to write a blog post.