Frequently Asked Questions

What does the plan include?

The plan includes detailed floor plans, elevations, and foundational layouts. It also includes door and window sizes, a roof plan, suggested electrical layouts, and typical wall section details.

Do we have HVAC and Plumbing plans?

No, we do not have HVAC and Plumbing plans.

What is our return policy?

Due to the nature of our product, all sales on house plans are final. We highly recommend thoroughly reviewing all plans and discussing them with a professional before making a purchase.

Do I own the copyright to the plan?

No, the copyright for the design remains with the original architect or designer. Purchasing a plan grants you the license to build the home one time. Any additional construction or reproduction is prohibited without written consent.

Can I build more than one home?

When you purchase a plan, it includes a license to build only one home. If you wish to build more than one home from the same plan, you’ll need to purchase an additional license for each build.

Do these plans comply with local building codes?

Our plans are designed to comply with national building standards, but due to the variety of local building codes and regulations, we cannot guarantee that they will meet all requirements in your area. It’s recommended to consult with a local building professional or your local building department to ensure compliance.

Are your plans stamped by an Architect or Engineer?

Online plans are not stamped by an architect or engineer. Some regions require a local professional to review and stamp the plans before permits are granted. Please check with your local regulations.

Do we provide study sets?

Yes, we do provide study sets for each plan. They include fully dimensioned floor plans and elevations. These are not meant to be used for construction.

Do we provide building material lists?

No, we do not provide building material lists at this time.

How many copies do I need?

The number of copies you need will depend on your local building department’s requirements, typically, you’ll need at least one copy for yourself, one for your contractor, and one for the building department.

Can this plan be modified and by who?

Yes, our plans can be modified to suit your specific needs. We recommend these changes be made by a local architect or designer familiar with your local building codes. Please note that modifications may require additional time and cost.