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    How to Get Rid of Brown Patch in Your Yard

    This past summer, we noticed some brown patches in the yard around our pool. Thinking that this meant the grass was dry, I watered it. Only to find out later, this was the last thing it needed. Turns out that the yard had been getting too much water. This combined with the high humidity had caused a fungus to grow. After taking a closer look, I could even see a moldy-looking film on the ground beneath the grass. This fungus was the cause of the brown patches of grass.

  • Lawn Care

    How to Fix Lawn Bare Spots

    Bare spots in your yard are hard to avoid. It seems like no matter how hard you try to keep your lawn plush and green, bare spots will appear. Our yard looks pretty good in the Spring and Fall, but during the hot summer months is when it struggles. High temperatures and not enough rain can cause bare spots to start appearing.