• Rugs

    What Size Rug Should You Use for a Queen and King Bed?

    Choosing the right rug for your bedroom can make a world of difference, both aesthetically and functionally. The bedroom is an intimate space, a sanctuary, and a rug can add warmth, texture, and color, ensuring your feet are greeted with softness when you rise in the morning or go to bed at night. One of the common questions we encounter is, “What size rug is right for my queen or king bed?” Let’s look at some different options for both.

  • Interior Design

    Drapes vs Curtains

    When it comes to window treatments, two of the most popular options are drapes and curtains. While they may seem interchangeable to some, there are distinct differences between the two. Although it may seem challenging to choose the right one for your home, both have their own set of benefits and downsides, making them more suitable for certain spaces and preferences than others. Let’s look into the world of drapes and curtains and discover which might be the best fit for your home.

  • Kitchen

    How to Accessorize a Kitchen Counter

    When it comes to home decor, the kitchen counter can sometimes be overlooked and dismissed as a purely functional area without any creative styling opportunities. However, I truly believe accessorizing a kitchen counter can not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also elevate its functionality and coherence. Let’s explore the various approaches to accessorizing a kitchen counter, blending utility with a dash of style.

  • Design Tips

    High Ceilings: The Good and The Bad

    High ceilings have become one of my must haves in a home. We included 17ft and 12ft ceilings in our own home, and even eliminated a bedroom in order to vault the kitchen ceiling in a recent flip project. Our cottage house plans also all have 10ft ceilings and we try to work in a vault when possible. However, our love for high ceilings is often coupled with a realization that these architectural features are a double-edged sword. Beyond their aesthetically pleasing nature, high ceilings come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, playing a significant role in the daily practicalities of living spaces.