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    How to Create a Beautiful Guest Bathroom

    As the name would suggest, your guest bathroom will be used by your friends, family, and maybe the occasional stranger. This means that this bathroom should be a beautiful, cozy room that will make an impression on your guests that use it.

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    Choosing a Bathroom Faucet Finish

    It’s so exciting to pick out all of the bathroom finishes for a new home or remodel project. Some of my favorite items to pick out for the bathroom are the faucets!

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    Our Master Bath Design and Finishes

    Designing our master bath has been lots of fun! We are doing a few different design touches that are new to us and hoping it all comes together as planned. Don’t you just love when you have this vision and it it ends up turning out perfectly. Well, that doesn’t always happen, but this is one place we will be so excited it it does.

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    The Benefits of a Curbless Shower

    So what exactly does curbless mean? A curbless shower is just what the name says, a shower that doesn’t have a curb or threshold. It has a seamless design without the divider between the bathroom floor and shower floor. In other words, the bathroom floor tiles will be the same all the way through without any curb or disruption in between.