• DIY

    How to Create a Modern Board and Batten Accent Wall

    We finished part of our basement a couple of years ago, and turned part of it into a work out room. We’ve used it a lot and it’s been great to have, but Brooke and I have always felt like it needed a little something from a design standpoint. Four plain white walls were becoming a little boring. So we decided to add an accent wall.

    May 3, 2019
  • Blogging Tips

    The Three Most Important Things a Successful Blogger Must Do

    This is the second post in my “becoming a blogger” series. I’m writing these articles in order to share some tips I’ve learned so far in hopes that it might help others get started on their own blogging journey.

    I have never been able to say “I love my job” until now! I would love for everyone to be able to say those words. Those are words I tell my daughter to think about every time we talk about college and degrees. But, the reality is, not many people can say this and it took me until I was almost forty to get here.

    May 2, 2019
  • Landscaping

    Five Simple Landscaping Tips

    We get tons of questions on our landscaping. Many ask how we get our ideas, and even where to start. We are definitely not pros, but have been doing it ourselves for many years. While we still have a lot to learn about flowers, I feel like we are good at the green stuff!

    May 1, 2019
  • Kitchen

    Choosing the Right Range Hood for a Kitchen

    Choosing or designing a range hood is a great opportunity to take something that is all about functionality and make it beautiful and a focal point. In my opinion, the hood has evolved into one of the most important elements of a beautiful kitchen.

    April 26, 2019
  • Blogging Tips

    Becoming a Blogger

    Today I am starting a series on the behind the scenes of my blogging journey. Although it hasn’t been a very long one, I hope it is the start to many more years.

    I will be writing about many topics anywhere from where it all started to where we go from here. I may even pull Henry along for an article or two so we can see his insight into things. He seriously is the brains behind the tech and researching side of things. I don’t know what I would do without him!

    April 23, 2019