• Plants

    How to Add Greenery Throughout Your Home

    No matter what time of the year it is, I love using greenery throughout my home. Incorporating greenery in places here and there can create an environment that pulls the outside in. This in return makes the interior of the home feel more relaxed. I truly think that every room needs some type of greenery. Here are a few ways I like to incorporate greenery throughout our home.

  • Design Tips

    How to Choose the Perfect Accent Chair for Your Room

    What is exactly is an accent chair? An accent chair is a seat that not only has functionality but also compliments the decor of the room. An accent chair can come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and even materials which in return allows it to be a great focal point or just add some contrast to a room. Here are a few things that may help you know how to choose the perfect accent chair for your space.

  • Decorating

    How to Style and Fold a Throw Blanket

    Throw blankets are great to have around when you want to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie or when you need a little extra warmth on your bed in the winter. And when you’re not using them, they can act as decor, adding extra color and texture to the room. Throw blankets can be styled differently depending on the style you are wanting: formal or relaxed. There are several ways to style, throw, or even fold a throw blanket. Here are a few of my favorites I tend to use around our home.

  • Bathrooms

    Choosing the Best Mirror for Your Bathroom Vanity

    Choosing a vanity mirror can sometimes be an after thought when designing a bathroom. But I think it is best to choose your mirror or mirrors early in the design process as it will allow you to create a more cohesive design. The size of your mirror will determine your wall sconce placement and the material of the mirror should play a role in what material you choose for your vanity hardware.

  • Living Room

    Coffee Tables You Will Love

    A coffee table is such a vital piece to a living area. It anchors the entire space. So it’s important that you choose a one that is right for the room and is one that you love!

    Just after we moved into our home, we knew we needed a larger coffee table to fill our space. We have a pretty decent size living room, high ceilings, and the space is open to other rooms. Although there were several we liked online, we decided to have one custom-made. We chose to go simple with an all-black metal rectangular coffee table.