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Keeping Up With the Joneses: College, Tacos, and Fall

Henry and I were talking the other night and thought it would be nice to add an article once a week that isn’t our normal content. I mean of course we love homes, DIY’s, and our work, but it’s also nice to let you all have some insight into more about who we actually are, what we like, our interest, and even some life or parenting tips along the way. Well, not sure about that last one…more times than not, we feel like failures at parenting. Maybe we are just too hard on ourselves. Are we alone here?

College Talk

Which brings me to my first topic of college. Oh my, this has been the hot subject for so many months around here. You see, we have a daughter who is a senior in high school and will be graduating in May. She is very intelligent, great in school, but at this point is a little confused on what direction she wants to go after high school.

Our society has made us think that college is the only route to success, but we know otherwise. We do realize that certain careers require a degree, but there are a lot that don’t.

Not that we are trying to convince our daughter not to go to college, but we want her to be smart. And we’re letting her know that college is not the only way. Then she can make her own decision on what to do.

Favorite Quick Go to Meal

If you have been around for a while, you may have noticed that I don’t share tons of cooking ideas. This is because I’m not a huge cook. Don’t get me wrong, I dream about days of me slaving in the kitchen over a homemade apple pie, but let’s get real, who has the time for that these days?! Between sports, church, work, and extra curricular activities, cooking has even become somewhat of a chore.

Although we are quite busy, I do try and cook a few simple meals a week. Our favorite go to meal is chicken tacos. Literally, it takes 10 minutes to prep and the entire family loves it! Put a pound of chicken in the crockpot with a pack of taco seasoning, cut up your veggies, and open a pack of tortillas. I’m also pretty sure this would be on the list of somewhat healthy dinners.

Next Venture

For eighteen years, Henry and I have always made life interesting. By interesting I mean we are always looking for our next venture. Most of the time these ventures have do with homes. We are thinking our next venture may be rental property.

Any experienced individuals who want to offer advice, feel free to do so. In the past, we have only flipped homes and remodeled and or built for ourselves. So, this is a new territory for us. As we shared a few months ago, we are thinking we will start with a beach rental. More to come on this hopefully sooner than later.

Dreaming of Fall

I have already started my fall decor planning. I think I have a color scheme nailed down, but need to find the time to go out and shop for everything. Maybe I’ll drag Henry out Saturday for some more finds.

It’s kind of hard to decorate for fall in 90 degree weather, but we better get moving considering the stores already have Christmas out and Starbucks announced their fall flavors coming out this month.

Speaking of fall decor inspiration. You have to check out Kari Anne’s article on 28 Creative Fall Centerpiece Ideas at Thistlewood Farms.

Other Cool Finds for the Week

-Loving this Old Navy plaid dress for only $21.00. This would be perfect for fall with a mustard colored cardigan.

-Check out these Weathered Stone Pumpkins from PotteryBarn. What a great way to add some rustic into your fall decor.

-A must have candle for fall check out Urban Outfitters Amber Jar Soy Candle.

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